Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holster Decisions + Watercolors

Holster 001 : jean version + printed cotton version (with stabilizer, aka fusible interfacing)
I am having trouble deciding on a closer and / or interior / back zip to make this secure. A good friend of mine came up with an idea to make it even sturdier (with a plastic) that I will try soon, but for now, the stiff fusible interfacing is working better than the jean version (too floppy). I love the clean look of both, though. Thoughts?

And here's a few paintings I did on my last trip to CT.  I've just been playing around, but I am happy with the results!
(These are for sale, $20.00 each, over at my Etsy Shop; MarthaHaskins)

Happy Thursday and Happy Travels!
<3 Alex

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yupo Experiment + Pocket Holster 002

Experimenting today with Yupo paper : 
Prismacolor Premier Permanent Markers + Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) =
+ the second "pocket holster" :
(haha, a fun spin for you!)
I love Wednesdays!

<3 Alex

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{packable} holster 001 + button-down transformation

holster 001 : patterned + sewn (upcycled joe's jeans!) : mission accomplished!!!
[many, many, MANY more of these in so many different styles + fabrics, to come. i have been sketching them and planning {packable} for years, all based on variations of this design!]
button-down transformation : needs some taking in, especially on the right side, but going well
: after :
a successful wednesday in the studio!

<3 Alex

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Packing Folders, GoTubbs, and a Ring Sling

Squeeeeeeeee! We just purchased tickets to the UK last night for a trip later this summer, and needless to say, I am SO excited! (Also, our CSA starts today, oh how I have missed it, but I digress.) I love booking tickets, packing, heading to the airport, going through security, getting on the plane, and flying...all of it! Even when I'm tired, I find it thrilling.  Sometimes, I really don't know why I am so weird.  We have a lot of wonderful weekends ahead of us as well, and I have just purchased a few things to make my trips easier.  Packing for myself and a 1 year old, I need to be completely organized.

I bought a set of Eagle Creek folders and the double-sided cube (with wet & dry sides separated - great for B's cloth diapers). And a few little travel tubs (Humangear GoTubbs) to throw jewelry (and etc...) in to so nothing breaks on the trip. (Sidenote: any friends with kids heading to the beach? Just buy a $3.99 laundry bag with shoulder strap - see below - from Target, or the like, and you can put everything in wet and sandy - a perfect beach bag for us now!) I am also borrowing a new friends' ring sling (RS) to try out this weekend and bought a few of the Sling Rings online last night to make my own RS out of some fun fabrics in my stash!!  Enough chatter, here's what you really want:

Eagle Creek Folders + Humangear GoTubbs : 
(from my Instagram)

Trying this Maya Wrap Ring Sling :
Maya Wrap Baby Sling 
(Image from

And I have been sketching every day since we started our little accountability group "Friends + Entrepreneurs" last week!!

Happy travels, business planning, branding, packing, cooking, sketching, hugging, kissing, giggling, and whatever else you do with your day!

<3 Alex