Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holster Decisions + Watercolors

Holster 001 : jean version + printed cotton version (with stabilizer, aka fusible interfacing)
I am having trouble deciding on a closer and / or interior / back zip to make this secure. A good friend of mine came up with an idea to make it even sturdier (with a plastic) that I will try soon, but for now, the stiff fusible interfacing is working better than the jean version (too floppy). I love the clean look of both, though. Thoughts?

And here's a few paintings I did on my last trip to CT.  I've just been playing around, but I am happy with the results!
(These are for sale, $20.00 each, over at my Etsy Shop; MarthaHaskins)

Happy Thursday and Happy Travels!
<3 Alex

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