Saturday, April 26, 2014

Holster Vests are Live!

Here's one I just made for my good friend, Lauren. She's constantly on the road (and in the air) for her business ventures (HOPE Clips and Kismetry, to name a few...) and just for fun, so she wanted something ultra-portable and loved the original holster vest I made with the same fabric!
Here's a blue and black leather vest with riveted pockets, for sale on Etsy, Packable:
A black leather test holster vest (pockets are riveted instead of sewn):
And an Ikea fabric one listed for sale on Etsy, Packable:
And next-up is this pretty fabric that I hand snow-dyed (tutorial on the Gypsy Theories Blog HERE):
I'm so happy to get these listed! Now I just have to work on the photographs.

Please leave any feedback and/or ideas in the comments or you can email me at
<3 Alex

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